Here is a list of clues for our photos. You can interpret these any way you like. Ideally YOU are in the photos too since this will be a memory for Kendall! Check out the map to see places where you’ll be able to find some of these things. And don’t be afraid to ask strangers for favors in the name of our photo treasure hunt!

K – Kendall
E – Electric car
N – Nectar of the gods (wine/cocktail)
D – Dog in Dog Patch
A – Art
L – Love
L – Laughter

R – Riding a bike
I – Indoor rock climbing
D – Delicious dessert
I – In a kitchen
N – Nelson Marshmallow Sofa
G – Graffiti

& – (ampersand photo)

P – Piece of cheese
A – Adventure
U – Urban winery
L – Living wall

M – Meat
U – Upside down
N – Noshing
S – Ship or Sailboat
N – Nature


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